Stacey Marie, is a Versatile Entrepreneur and radio veteran who loves what she does. She overcame a challenging childhood and learning disabilities to go on to wear many hats during her time as a mother, entrepreneur and radio host, is excited for this new opportunity in her life and career. “I always talk about how I have been so blessed that God answered my prayers,” says Stacey Marie now. “After years of asking him, ‘Is this it? How are you going to use me to make a difference in this world?’ Now I know.”

After many years as a “proud stay-at-home mom,” she began her late-blossoming career by hosting a business talk radio show and later launching her own radio station. In the years since, she has gone on to interview an array of inspiring celebrities, entrepreneurs and business owners. Having to learn the ropes on her own, from scratch, enabled Stacey Marie to carve out a unique role in both radio and motivational speaking – and made sure she stays humble, grounded and focused. In later part of 2019, she launched Inspire Me Movement to give others encouragement during their journey. Stacey Marie, often reminds us that during our journey we need people beside us as we go through transitions of our life, and she wants to be that person. She believes that sharing mind lifting and uplifting stories, experiences, and dreams from others stories from her brand, Inspire Me Studio and her movement, will encourage you to keep going and fighting to accomplish your purpose in life.


During her radio career, she did voice over and production for some amazing companies. Also, she has published a magazine during her career. Plus, she was hired as a Media Consultant for a candidate running for Governor. Lastly, she has been hired over the years to cover events across the nation as media.

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The biggest thrill for Stacey Marie is making a difference in an Entrepreneur's life by encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone and to accomplish their dreams. Stacey Marie, gets pure enjoyment when she sees others fulfilling their dreams. You will hear her often say "It's my dream job and I am gifted to think outside of the box and help those find their passion in life and create an income doing it! Often she has talked about her journey and the struggles she endures being an Entrepreneur. She hopes through her journey, inspires you to continue on yours to follow your dreams and making things happen.

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