Stacey Marie Interviews Executive Producers and Write, Michael and Laura Gates from the Web Series "Into The Void"

Executive Producers, Michael and Laura Gates stopped by in the studio to chat about their new sci- fi web series that they are in the middle of Pre- Production. During the interview, they chatted about what it’s like being in the world of filmmaking industry. Also, talked about what it’s like working with each other day after day on the set. You will also hear about Michael and Laura’s story. Please support them and follow them on social media. Enjoy!


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Here is the trailer for “Into The Void”:

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Stacey Marie Interviews Author Don Brown

Don Brown, is an American author who writes books about the American military.He writes both fiction and nonfiction books. He is a Former JAG Officer. Today, we chatted about his book, “The Last Fighter Pilot”, which is the true story of the final combat mission of World War two. The book is based on the fighter pilot, Captain Jerry Yellin. Stacey Marie, had the pleasure of interviewing Jerry two years ago on her last show. This Tuesday, Captain Jerry Yellin will be burried at Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors and the Air Force is arranging a fly over. You will enjoy this hour of hearing the backstory of Captain Jerry Yellin. Plus, they dived into military history and much, much more. Enjoy!

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Captain Jerry Yellin
Captain Jerry Yellin, USAAF "The Last Fighter Pilot"

Stacey Marie Interviews Melissa Bates from Infinite Finds

Melissa Bates, career began working in the healthcare industry helping senior citizens. This lead her to start a nonprofit helping senior citizens in her community. Her nonprofit, Infinite Finds is located in the town Cave Creek, Arizona. At her community center, they have classes and resources for families with a family member who has a senior citizen in their family. There are so many ways for you to be able to participate in her cause. You will be in for a treat for sure! Enjoy!


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Stacey Marie Interviews Maria Lancaster

Maria Lancaster, is the President and Co-Founder of Embryo Services of Cedar Park in the state of Washington. She has been dedicated to bringing families together for life since 2008. This show is a MUST for ALL to listen.

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Stacey Marie Interviews Kolohe Primeau

Kolohe Primeau, has really had his ups and downs during his journey. But, through it all, it led him to be in an amazing place to help others and inspire them to fulfill their purpose in life. He is currently a Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Investor, NPC Fitness Competitor, Business Coach, and Fitness Coach. This hour was an hour of inspiration for anyone who is needing that inspiration to keep going on in their journey.

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Stacey Marie Interviews Coach Ballgame

Coach Ballgame, captured the hearts of Americans during the World Series when he was drinking a half gallon of milk in the stands at Dodger Stadium. Then his story came out within twenty-four hours after being noticed. He inspires kids from all ages to love playing the game of baseball. You will definitely enjoy this show!

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Stacey Marie Interviews Filmmaker Janet Harvey

Stacey Marie, interviews Filmmaker, Janet Harvey in the first episode of the season. Janet’s Her recent film “A Million Hits” is available now on Amazon Prime to watch. They both chatted about bullying and how this movie can definitely be an eye opener of a movie. Also, Janet talks about her career in the comic book industry. It was an inspiring hour! Below is more about Janet’s career.

Janet Harvey is an award-winning professional writer who spent majority of her career writing in the comic book industry. She also has screenplay credits to her name. As a game writer, she was the staff writer on the DC Universe Online MMORPG. Also, she co-wrote the first episode of  "The Multipath Adventures of Superman" from Brilliant Digital Entertainment. As a comic book writer, she has written for DC Comics, Image, IDW, and Tokyopop. As a copywriter, she has done print ads, interactive marketing, and web editorial. Her clients have included The Hollywood Reporter,, and the Walt Disney Internet Group.

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Get ready to be inspired!