Stacey Marie Interviews Author Don Brown

Don Brown, is an American author who writes books about the American military.He writes both fiction and nonfiction books. He is a Former JAG Officer. Today, we chatted about his book, “The Last Fighter Pilot”, which is the true story of the final combat mission of World War two. The book is based on the fighter pilot, Captain Jerry Yellin. Stacey Marie, had the pleasure of interviewing Jerry two years ago on her last show. This Tuesday, Captain Jerry Yellin will be burried at Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors and the Air Force is arranging a fly over. You will enjoy this hour of hearing the backstory of Captain Jerry Yellin. Plus, they dived into military history and much, much more. Enjoy!

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Captain Jerry Yellin
Captain Jerry Yellin, USAAF "The Last Fighter Pilot"