Stacey Marie Interviews Attorney Aiden Durham from 180 Law CO

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Aiden Durham, did not grow up dreaming nor inspiring to become a lawyer. She actually was in the accounting and financial field after graduating from undergrad. She wasn’t really happy with what the future looked liked, Aiden, decided to think of the criteria that would have to meet her expectations in a career. Being a lawyer, would suite her well. However, she found out quickly that the expectations of what the outlook would look like as an attorney quickly came to reality. During law school, she was learning business law. When learning, she quickly realized that with her Entrepreneurial mindset that this would be helpful for her as an attorney. Now she is able to use her skills and expertise as an attorney to help business owners. This was definitely a great show with lots of information for you, as a business owner. Thank you Aiden for being on my show. Please follow her to receive lots of informative information, for you as a business owner. If you need an attorney, please get in contact with her, you will not be disappointed.


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