Stacey Marie Interviews Sandra Dee Robinson

Sandra Dee Robinson, was an unlikely candidate for a successful Hollywood acting career. A turn of events led her at age 17, to the Miss USA Pageant and to her first major television role as Amanda Cory on Another World. From there she starred on Sunset Beach, Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital, Days of our Lives, The Bay, and guest starred on prime time shows like CSI Miami, Zoey 101, and Two and a Half Men. She is the Founder of Charisma on Camera, Presentation Training and Charismatic Cowgirl Leadership Training. You will definitely be inspired!


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Stacey Marie Interviews Filmmaker Janet Harvey

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Stacey Marie, interviews Filmmaker, Janet Harvey in the first episode of the season. Janet’s Her recent film “A Million Hits” is available now on Amazon Prime to watch. They both chatted about bullying and how this movie can definitely be an eye opener of a movie. Also, Janet talks about her career in the comic book industry. It was an inspiring hour! Below is more about Janet’s career.

Janet Harvey is an award-winning professional writer who spent majority of her career writing in the comic book industry. She also has screenplay credits to her name. As a game writer, she was the staff writer on the DC Universe Online MMORPG. Also, she co-wrote the first episode of  "The Multipath Adventures of Superman" from Brilliant Digital Entertainment. As a comic book writer, she has written for DC Comics, Image, IDW, and Tokyopop. As a copywriter, she has done print ads, interactive marketing, and web editorial. Her clients have included The Hollywood Reporter,, and the Walt Disney Internet Group.

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